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MPTrader features Mike Paulenoff's real-time index & sector analysis (eMini S&P, gold/oil, euro/$ and more) plus trade set-ups on stocks and ETFs that can benefit from these sector trends. Mike is a 30-plus year Wall Street veteran, previously at Smit h Barney, Harris Upham, Drexel Burnham Lambert, and Republic National Bank. Co-author of The Business-One Irwin Guide to the Futures Markets (with Stanley Kroll), he publishes widely on sites such as MarketWatch, WSJ Online, and Minyanville, where he is a contributing "professor."


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  • Index & Sector Analysis: Annotated charts on the eMini S&P, Gold & Oil, Treasuries, U.S. Dollar, other currencies, international markets, and more, from pre-open to after close. See Mike's prediction of a downturn just ahead of the 8/4/11 market meltdown.
  • Trade Set-Ups: Intraday long/short opportunities (2-day to 2-week horizon) on ETFs and leading sector component stocks, with stops and targets. Optional email/cell phone notification. See a sample trade post.
  • Live Interaction and Coaching: Post your questions and comments right alongside Mike's throughout the session, gaining valuable coaching plus the opportunity to interact with a dynamic trading community! See example.
As Featured In ...
Wall Street Journal, Barron's, MarketWatch, Minyanville Stocks & Commodities

Recently Closed Trades

Mar 03 - Mar 05
ProShares Trust Ultra VIX Short Term Futures
(UVXY) +7.15%
Jan 24 - Feb 24
SPDR Gold Trust
(GLD) +5.53%
Aug 08 - Aug 09
Apple Inc.
(AAPL) +3.54%

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"I am a new member & want to thank you for the great trades. I made good money on most of your calls & in particular PTON - both in stocks as well as 35 May 15 call options. To put it in a simple way, your trading room is with less noise more action. Thanks again."
Roger75 Trading Room2020-05-08
Mike, I just want to say how much I like this new format where our questions are on the same page as your trading information. I suspect it is creating more work for you, since we are now asking more questions, but I'm sure I speak for many when I say that I find it very informative and helpful. And, by the way, I think you're a genius!
Subscriber JQRESQ Trading Room post
I have been with MPTrader going on 5 years and I have always appreciated Mike's insights, thoughtfulness and reasonable price.
Ed Milstein Sedalia, Colo.
Since February (three months) trading options in the ETFs along with Mike's analysis, we have about doubled our portfolio in two accounts.
Joe Arrowood Ashville, N.C.
Your service is wonderful and making me lots of money!
Moshe Rabin Coral Springs, Fla.
Mike 's superb and timely running comments are invaluable. He tells it like it is, giving reasons for expected near-term ma rket direction and reliable target prices. I especially like the up-to-date history charts with various pivot points, explanations and target prices, th en followed up with frequent intraday notices with the "ca-ching" alarm.
George Wolfe Rogers, Ark.
Mike, you take the technicals to another level for me. You put all the pieces together. No one is 100%, but you come damn close ! You have the best service I have ever come across. You are honest, sincere, and a straight shooter!
Cliff Trovarelli Baldwin, N.Y.
I am really enjoying your service and I am making good money, too. I learn a lot and I earn a lot!
Raleigh Makarechian Westminster, Colorado
Mike Paulenoff is the Michael Jordan of trading! It is incredible how he succeeds even when it seems the market is going the oth er way around. This is the greatest service I've ever tried!
Alessandro Merra Rome, Italy
Mike's analytics of the market are the best I have ever read.
Olga Rabichkin Los Angeles, Calif.
Using services such as Paulenoff' like having a trading mentor walk you through the trading day.
Futures Magazine September 2003
Mike Paulenoff is the best index chart analyst I've seen!
Harry Boxer The Technical Trader
Per your excellent past advice, I took profit on 1/2 of total bond position this Am. Holding other half forever. If I could tell you my profit, you wouldn't believe it. I will remain a subscriber forever, even if I never take another trade. If you retire, give me your address and I'll send my monthly subscription fee to wherever.
"JERRYB" - Trading Room2013-08-01
"Great work, Mike! I would be in dire straits without your charts and posts."
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