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Combining Macro & Technical Analysis to Produce Winning Call

Everyone wants winning calls -- and the best chance of getting them is when the forces in favor of the trade converge. Identifying these convergences -- of both the macro and the technical analysis -- is where Mike Paulenoff is best!

For example, in a bullish call for the S&P 500 in mid-January 2017, Mike was encouraged by both the prospect of post-Trump election de-regulations (macro picture) and the pattern itself in the Emini S&P 500 (ES) chart.

That chart showed a bullish coil formation pointing to a target zone of 2300/10.

Soon after, the ES reached a new high of 2299.50 before pulling back.

Mike went on to observe that the pattern off that high exhibited corrective form, strongly suggesting along with the macro view that there was more upside ahead after the pullback ran course. However, judging from the negative juxtaposition of the 4-hour RSI and MACD, he called for the ES to press closer to the 2280/75 support plateau prior to pivoting to the upside into another up-leg towards 2300.

The index went on to bounce slightly below his expected target in the 2270 range, and ended the week again challenging 2300.

It's all about perspective. When the big picture of the sector or asset class -- or of the chart, for that matter -- is aligned with the expected move, the probability of a successful call is greatest.

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