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Questions about our service

Index/Sector Analysis vs Trade Set-Ups?
Index/sector analysis includes annotated charts intraday on the eMini S&P, Gold & Oil, Treasuries, U.S. Dollar, other currencies, international markets, and more, from pre-open to after close. Trade set-ups are intraday entry/exit signals (2-day to 2-week horizon) on ETFs and leading sector component stocks, with updated stops and targets.
Personal Holdings: Do you take personal positions in your trades?
No. Trades are hypothetical but based on actual prices. Suffice it to say that too many conflicts of interest preclude me from participating in the same ideas that I post on the website. Furthermore, I have always thought that one's objectivity suffers if personally involved in the same positions as subscribers.
Position Size: What do you mean by a 1/4 versus 1/2 versus full position and how do they translate in terms of a portfolio?

As MPTrader's (hypothetical) portfolio rarely has more than 5 positions at a time, let's consider 5 positions to be a complete trading portfolio. Thus, 1 full position would be 1/5 (20%) of a trading portfolio. A 1/2 position, in turn, would be 10% of the portfolio and a 1/4 position 5%.

Maintaining this discipline, we will be diversified, and no one ETF or stock position will ruin us. On the other hand, no one position will make us rich either. The aim here is to accumulate profits over time across a spectrum of vehicles... using technical analysis as our decision-making tool.

Stops: Are your stops limited to regular hours?
Yes, my stops are confined to normal trading hours (9:30am to 4:00pm ET) -- not afterhours trading. Stops continue to the next day, unless otherwise specified. If noted as a "Close Only" stop, then the stop can ONLY be executed if the position is below the stop price with 5 minutes remaining in the session.
Technical vs. Fundamental Analysis: How much emphasis do you give to each?

Twenty years ago, if you had asked me how much I weighed or relied on technical analysis on one hand, versus how much I emphasized fundamental analysis (macro and micro) on the other, I think the split would have been about 80% technical vs. 20% fundamental.

I have matured though (at least I think I have) into a more well-rounded "technician-strategist," who now probably uses a 65%-35% mix to analyze the markets, trends, psychology macro and micro economic data, economic history, etc.

What you see on this site most of the time may appear to be cold, hard, chart work, but lots of underlying economic and psychological thought goes into the chess game of position trading, etc.

My forte without a doubt is in chart analysis...and I think that comes through loud and clear on a daily basis.

But I also know my limitations fundamentally, and so, I solicit the opinion a select few other strategists and economists (yes, even economists!), primarily those who exhibit a strong sense of market history -- to supplement my technical work.

Short-term vs Intermediate-term

A short-term position reflects my conclusion about the technical work that indicates a move is imminent and should unfold within the next 1-3 days, to which I can apply tight stops and immediate price targets. By contrast, an intermediate-term position is one in which I see a pattern developing over a potentially extended timeframe -- usually 1-3 months-- where I want to "be there" in anticipation of the market reaching its technical potential. Under such a scenario, stops tend to be considerably further away, requiring more risk initially than otherwise would be the case with a short-term position.

Technical/Login Issues

I can't login, but I know my username and password are correct
You may need to delete the "cookies" on your browser and then try logging in again. Here's what to do:
  1. Go to the following url that should log you out and remove all the cookies that are currently registered for our site.
  2. Shut down and restart.
  3. Then go to to login.
I continually get logged out
Most likely you are trying to login while another computer or device is logged in with your same user name and password.
I don't get sounds when there is a new entry
In order to get sounds, you must be running a modern browser that supports HTML5 audio and your sounds must be enabled. Please check your sound settings and your computer audio settings.
The page does not refresh when there is a new entry
The alert page will only refresh if there is a new entry. You may hear a sound every 10 seconds, (like a clicking sound if you use Internet Explorer) but that is perfectly normal. Please note that you can turn that sound off in the options for Internet Explorer Our website does require some newer browser technology to function like JavaScript and iframes.
I'm using X browser, do you support it?
We are optimized for modern browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome and Internet Explorer 9+.
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