SPY Continues to Grind to Higher-Highs

As we approach mid-session, let's take another look at the BIG picture of the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY).

Let's notice that SPY made another new all-time high at 248.00 this morning, as its recent series of micro-upmoves during the past 5 sessions continues.

Indeed, on July 19, SPY hit a then new all-time high at 247.00.

In the last 6 sessions, it has managed to claw its way to 248.00!

While the upside action certainly leaves much to be desired (in the SPY ETF), the fact of the matter is that there is zero selling pressure, as amazing as that "condition" continues to be.

Meanwhile, my daily RSI momentum gauge has climbed to a new high for the upmove off of the July 5 low, but RSI has not yet climbed above its prior highs on June 9, or on March 1, which does not give me a warm and fuzzy feeling about the current advance, regardless of the lack of sellers.

To put a fine point on it, RSI still has not confirmed its March peak, yet prices are 3.2% higher now, which is a classic, glaring, negative-momentum divergence.

Then again, this market is anything but classic, so the bulls continue to whistle Dixie, as they pass the graveyard.

Purely from a technical perspective, a SPY decline and close beneath 246.25 will trigger my first warning signal that the post-election, Nov-July advance is exhausted, and the potential for a correction of some magnitude is increasing significantly.

In the absence of a relatively small percentage decline (0.8%), the bulls remain in directional control, and we have to consider that the last several sessions of very high-level, range-bound action, in fact, represents a rest period ahead of upside acceleration that started today!

Such a scenario unfolds my next immediate target for SPY is 250.00, and then 255.00.

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