UVXY vs ES: Which Inverted Head-and-Shoulders Set-Up Will Fail?

UVXY-- The OTHER Inverted Head & Shoulders Pattern-- shows Right Shoulder development and maturity (see attached chart), as the price structure climbs from last week's pullback low at 46.23 to today's high at 58.93, pushing up towards a retest of the prior rally high at 62.90 on 11/15.

Compare that chart with the attached ES IHS chart.

BOTH OF THESE SET-UPS CANNOT EMERGE ON THE UPSIDE.  One of these markets will be wrong, and its IHS set up will fail miserably.

As of this moment, I have considerably more confidence in the UVXY set-up climbing towards the 70.60-71.50 "Neckline" Resistance Zone ahead of a potentially explosive UVXY upmove (remember Feb?), and my confidence level will increase if ES declines and sustains beneath its 11/15 "Right Shoulder" low at 2671.25...

Last in UVXY is 58.30/35... Last in ES is 2696.50

11 19 18 UVXY 1215 GIF
11 19 18 UVXY 1215 GIF
11 19 18 ES IHS 1230 GIF
11 19 18 ES IHS 1230 GIF

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