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Mike, once again dead on for CVNA, IWM, COIN etc. Grateful you're providing this platform!
Joel-Nathan Trading Room2024-02-09
"I really appreciate this room, from Mike's excellent charts to the valuable insights from members, it has really helped me keep on track in a very challenging environment. I work a day job, so I appreciate being able to log in and look through the posts to get caught up on the market when time allows, so the lack of unnecessary posts means I don't have to spend time filtering through the posts."
JaredB Trading Room2023-01-06
"Not only kept me out of trouble for the last 6 weeks, but I have made enough money, playing both long and short, to keep my membership for the next 500+ years! Thank you very much for the great guidance."
ksim Trading Room2022-08-26
"I am a new member & want to thank you for the great trades. I made good money on most of your calls & in particular PTON - both in stocks as well as 35 May 15 call options. To put it in a simple way, your trading room is with less noise more action. Thanks again."
Roger75 Trading Room2020-05-08
Using services such as Paulenoff's...is like having a trading mentor walk you through the trading day.
Futures Magazine September 2003
"I've been a member for about 18 years...there are a lot of really smart people posting and Mike does an excellent job of updating numerous requests! .... Check out his Coverage List to find out what the main stocks he recently covered are, then ask a question or 2 during the day...you'll see that Mike is laser focused on the big market indices as well as developing individual stock ideas."
ChrisA Trading Room2024-03-14

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