AMD Follows Our Bullish Technical Script

On June 23rd, Mike Paulenoff posted a "heads-up" commentary about AMD for MPTrader members:

"AMD Bottom Line: While my near-term pattern work cannot rule out one more new pullback low in the vicinity of 102-105 to complete the correction off of the 133.74 high on 6/13, the 20% decline is very near completion ahead of another upleg that should propel AMD to my next optimal target zone derived from the upside breakout from the huge multi-month base-accumulation period that projects next to 148-152... Last is 110.26..."

Mike continued to guide members through multiple AMD updates, and on July 10th wrote:

"In the next book I write about technical analysis, I will use my attached 4-Hour Chart as an example of a textbook Inverse Head & Shoulders formation... that remains incomplete on the upside... as long as any forthcoming weakness is contained above the 6/27/23 pullback low at 105.55.

"To trigger upside traction, AMD needs to climb and sustain above 117.65/70. At the moment, although my nearest-term work is bullish above 105.55, as long as AMD is trading below 117.65/70 I cannot rule out a retest of the June low-zone prior to my expectation of the initiation of a new, powerful upleg... Last is 113.01..."

Then last Friday, July 14th, Mike again alerted MPTraders to the price action in AMD:

"AMD is following our bullish technical script as it accelerates to the upside after completing a meaningful pullback to its multi-month upside breakout zone (see my attached Chart)... Last is 119.82..." 

AMD hit an intraday high at 122.12, a full 10.8% above Mike's June 23rd post to MPTrader members, and 15.7% above the major corrective low of 105.55 established on June 27th.  After hitting the 122.12 high -- just beneath Mike's second key near-term resistance zone as shown on the chart -- AMD gave up most of its intraday gains (5%) late in Friday's session.

Is the up-move over?  What's next for AMD? 

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