Calling The Upside In Metals & Miners ETF (XME)

Back on January 10, Mike Paulenoff posted the following bullish chart commentary on XME (SPDR S&P Metals & Mining ETF) for MPTrader members:
"Anyone thinking that over the upcoming 3-5 year time horizon that 1) Oil is heading higher, creating pass-through price pressure... 2) inflation will be problematic... 3) Demand for industrial metals will be intense as the globe goes "green" ... 4) and the demand for these metals will cause shortages that put even more upward pressure on prices... should consider parking some funds in XME."
Mike added, "Technically, the 10-year Weekly Chart setup certainly indicates enormous upside potential as long as XME holds above 39 on any acute bout of selling pressure."
XME was trading at 45.48 at the time.  This past week the ETF climbed to a 10-year high at 50.78, nearly 12% above Mike's initial heads-up to MPTrader members. 
In the interim 5 weeks, the industrial and precious metals complex has derived buying interest from a "perfect storm" of underlying fundamental factors, such as inflationary data points, a Fed that professes to be shifting into tightening mode while still adding liquidity to the banking system, greatly heightened geopolitical risks emanating from the Russan-Ukraine crisis, and a Canadian political crackdown that US citizens would consider a declaration of Marshal Law that forces individuals to seek the "safety" of real assets in general, precious metals in particular.
XME is benefitting from the fundamental backdrop, which underpins a very powerful, multi-year upside technical breakout that projects considerably higher prices in the months ahead. 
Where are the twists and turns ahead for XME?
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